I'm taking part in the popular annual Post It group show at GR2 Gallery for the first time this year!
All artworks in this show are on Post It notes and sold for $25 each.
I did 12 pieces that have one of my characters Mimi enjoying different kinds of foods.
The show begins Dec 7 and ends Dec 15.
They open at 11:30 AM -1:30 PM on 7th for preview to the people who want to just see.
Sales begin at 2pm (There will be a line. They won’t presell or hold any pieces. You have to be there to purchase.)
Visit Giant Robot website for more info and questions.
LAのGR2 Galleryにて毎年行われるグループ展、ポスト・イット展に初めて参加します!
12/7日の11:30 AM -1:30 PMまでギャラリーがオープンし、展示を観ることができます。
その後、2:00 PM より販売開始。毎年行列ができるそうです。
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