I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in this crazy time!
I was supposed to make announcements about some group shows but they've been postponed. :(
It would help me and the galleries/stores a lot if you could shop my stuff online but only if you can! I understand everyone is going through a tough time now.

My main gallery Nucleus is offering free domestic shipping (US only!) on orders over $50 until the end of March. They have my original artwork, prints, pins & more!

Secret Serpents have my silkscreen gig posters and is currently offering 15% off everything on site using discount code: 15%OFF for a limited time.

Woot Bear has my art print, hand made ornament etc. and is also offering 20% off your order. Use code: SHOPFROMHOME20 .

If you need something to read while staying at home, here's my author page on amazon.com.

Other online stores that have my stuff are:
Popostition Press (pop up book)
Morphik (cuff & pendant)
Tomenosuke (mini sofubi toys)
My Plastic Heart (mini sofubi toys)
Corey Helford Gallery (original artworks)
Gosh! Comics (silkscreen art print)

Please note that some of the stores above may stop shipping depending on the situation and shipping carriers are experiencing some delays so your order might take a while to arrive. Please check the updates carefully on each site before placing an order.

I'm dealing with a lot of things right now but I'll try to post more fun things to look at on my SNS when my head stops spinning.
I'll also keep you updated on my future events once I have the new dates.

Thank you so much for your love & support!
Hope things will get back to normal soon.

My new paper doll page in Japanese doll magazine Dollybird Vol.30 !
If you live outside of Japan, you can find it at bookstores that carry Japanese books such as Kinokuniya.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's my first drawing in 2020, year of the Rat.
Thank you so much for your love & support in 2019. 
I hope you'll enjoy all the projects I'm working on this year!

2019 was an interesting year as my first graphic novel, Pure Trance and my first art book, Hell Babies (new title:Hell Ladies) were both republished around the same time.
The contents are two decades old so they are not sophisticated but it was the time when I was finally finding out my own style so I hope you'll feel the excitement I had while working on them as a young artist.
It would be also fun to compare them to my newer works and see how my art has evolved.
Pure Trance
Originally published in Japan in 1998.
The first softcover English edition was published in 2005.
The new hardcover edition has a new cover art with gold foil stamping.
You can purchase it at the publisher Last Gasp's website and other bookstores online and physical.
It's a dreamy science fiction fantasy — a twisted story of catfights, alien safari adventures, evil experimentation, and a girl who dreams of becoming a pop idol singer.
Hell Ladies
Originally published in Japan in 2001 as Hell Babies.
The new edition has the extra 16 pages of drawings that were included in Hell Babies Upgraded published in 2006.
You can purchase it on amazon and other bookstores online and physical.
The book includes my acrylic paintings from 1998 to 1999, character introductions and a lot of colored ink drawings from around 2000-2001.

The Dark Gray & Red version of my sofubi mini series JUNKONOTOMO is now available individually on Tomenosuke website!
Get your favorite one and take it to everywhere! :)

This painting 'Silent Rage' will be in Art Collector Starter Kit, the big annual group exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery starting on December 14th.
I love depicting angry women probably because I grew up in the Japanese culture where women are expected to be submissive and I was frustrated about it. Anger is supposed to be a negative feeling but I’ve always thought that it often works as a powerful energy source to create beautiful art.

There'll be all new 12"x12" works from an exciting line-up of new and established New Contemporary artists in the show. Check it out if you are in LA!
For online preview, contact: jch@corehelfordgallery.com
If you are interested in purchasing the piece, contact: sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com

The Art Collector Starter Kit VI
December 14, 2019 - January 18, 2020
Opening Reception: December 14, 2019, 7PM-11PM
今週土曜日(12/14)から、ロスのCorey Helford Galleryで開催されるグループ展「The Art Collector Starter Kit VI 」に出品するペインティング「Silent Rage」です。
The Art Collector Starter Kit VI
会期:2019年12月14日 - 2020年1月18日
I’ve collaborated with Morphik, the Los Angeles brand for a while and now they have new pendant necklace featuring a miniature fine art print of my painting “Healer” available on their website!
The great thing about this project is that the artwork is interchangeable with magnet so you can enjoy different designs with just one pendant. For now, they have 4 other artworks by me, some from Ciou and Jessica Louise.
It’s great for making a statement on your favorite art, or just for adding artistic flare to your everyday look. It makes great holiday gift as well!
ロサンゼルスのメーカーMorphik (モーフィック)との新作コラボペンダントが発売中です。
マグネット式でアートワークが交換可能になっており、ひとつのペンダントで様々なデザインが楽しめます。現在、私の作品の他、CiouJessica Louiseの作品を扱っています。