My main gallery, Nucleus in LA is holding a big event to celebrate their 15th anniversary.
The art auction includes my original art pieces!
After 15 years of exhibitions and events, Gallery Nucleus invites you to an exclusive Gala & art auction you won't want to miss! It will also be a fine evening of music, food, and celebration. Spots are limited, so be sure to get your ticket when it goes on sale!

The Auction:
For one evening only, featuring over 80 pieces of original art starting as low as half the current listed price.
The Gala:
Dinner will be curated by chef Jonathan Arocha (NOLA project, Mon-Li Malibu) in three courses, including a vegan option.
Tickets will be limited to 100 guests

Gallery Nucleus 15 Year Anniversary Gala & Art Auction
Event Date: Sunday, December 15, 6pm-9pm

I'm going to be super busy signing 5 times at 4 different booths at DesignerCon this weekend in Anaheim and here's my schedule. See you there!
If you don't know what DesignerCon is, visit their website here.
今週末アナハイムで開催されるデザイナーコン、水野は4つのブースで5回 (!) サイン会をすることになっています。以下、スケジュールです。参加される方は是非、声をかけてくださいね!

Kidrobot : BOOTH#2210
Nov.23 (Sat) 1pm-2:30pm

My first signing will be at Kidrobot. They'll have my DCon Exclusive Ice Edition of my 8" Dunny.
$100 each, Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.
If you have any questions, contact Kidrobot directly via their website.

価格$100, 250体限定生産

Woot Bear : BOOTH#302
Nov.23 (Sat) 3pm-5pm
Nov.24 (Sun) 11am-12pm

After Kidrobot, I'll be signing at Woot Bear booth. They'll have my Junko Bear resin figure sculpted & casted by Scott Wilkowski and hand-embellished by me!
$125 each, only 20 made.
They'll also have my handmade Steak & Egg ornaments.
Purple Large: $100 each (only 9 made)
Pink Small: $85 each (only 13 made)
signed & numbered on the back
These are one of a kind, handmade items by me so they will be slightly different from each other in shape & color.
Even if the items sell out on Saturday, I'll still be at the booth on Sunday 11am-12pm signing & sketching!
Woot Bear : ブース#302

Kidrobotの後は、サンフランシスコのアートトイ・ストアWoot Bearのブースに行きます。
こちらでは、Scott Wilkowski制作のレジンフィギュア、Junko Bearが販売されます。今回は白黒のレジンに、水野がひとつずつ彩色しています。
大・パープル:1個$100 (9個限定販売)
小・ピンク:1個$85 (13個限定販売)

Poposition Press : BOOTH#1125
Nov.24 (Sun) 1pm-2pm

On Sunday afternoon, I'll be at the pop up book publisher Poposition Press's booth and signing my stuff.
They'll have my pop up art book Triad, some single pop up pages and pins.
It's a great chance to see all the pop up books by different artists in person so stop by & say hi!
Poposition Press : ブース#1125

日曜の午後は、ポップアップブックの出版社、Poposition Press でサイン会です。私のポップアップ画集「Triad」や、飾れるポップアップ・プリント、ピンバッジなどが販売されます。他の様々なアーティストのポップアップ作品も手に取って見ることができる良い機会です

myplasticheart : BOOTH#107
Nov.24 (Sun) 3pm-4pm

My last signing will be at myplasticheart booth!
They'll have the new, glow-in-the-dark Luminous Matcha version of my mini sofubi series Junkonotomo.
Set of five, $155 (50 sets available worldwide, only 20 sets available at DCon.)
The set comes in a cute clear vinyl bag!
myplasticheart : ブース#107

5体セットで$155 (50セット限定、DConでは20セットのみの販売です。)
I'm coming back to Kinokuniya bookstore in Japantown San Francisco to have a meet & greet event!

Illustrator/Artist Junko Mizuno will sign her newly republished early works, PURE TRANCE and HELL LADIES. These two books are packed with full of Junko's illustration at the start of her professional career. They are also great additions to any avant-horror collection and will probably reveal even more fun on repeated readings. Come join us, and chat with Junko while you receive her autograph!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

at Kinokuniya San Francsico
1581 Webster StreetSan Francisco, CA 94115

今月発売された、水野の初の長編漫画単行本「ピュア・トランス」の英語新装版と、2001年に発売された画集「ヘル・ベイビーズ」の新装版「Hell Ladies」のサイン会/ミート&グリートイベントを、サンフランシスコの日本街にある紀伊国屋書店にて開催します。


2019年11月16日 (土)

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


1581 Webster StreetSan Francisco, CA 94115

Lakes International Comic Art Festival (LICAF) is getting closer!

The event is happening in the whole town of Kendal, Cumbria UK from October 11-13.

I did the main festival artwork and am attending as one of the guests.

Here's my schedule while I'm there:

Saturday 12 October, 12noon – 1pm, BAC Theatre

My Own Private Hell Live Draw

with Junko Mizuno, Duncan Fegredo, Sean Phillips and Laurence Campbell, moderated by Chris Thompson

Saturday 12 October 2.00pm-4.00pm, Comics Clocktower (Kendal Town Hall)

I'll be signing my books!

Sunday 13 October – 12.15pm-1.15pm, BAC Screen 1

A Walk on The Dark Side

Panel event with Becky Cloonan, Junko Mizuno and Milena Huhta, panel discussion moderated by Chris Thompson

You can download the festival programme for 2019 here!

If you still don't have a ticket, get it here!
Really looking forward to coming back to the beautiful Lake District.
See you there! :)


イギリス、湖水地方の町ケンダル全体で行われるコミックフェスティバル、「Lakes International Comic Art Festival」 (LICAF)の開催日がいよいよ近づいてきました!



「My Own Private Hell 」ライブドローイング


場所:BAC Theatre

参加者:Junko Mizuno, Duncan Fegredo, Sean Phillips, Laurence Campbell,

司会者:Chris Thompson



場所:Comics Clocktower (Kendal Town Hall)

参加者:Junko Mizuno

「A Walk on The Dark Side」パネルディスカッション


場所:BAC Screen 1

参加者:Becky Cloonan, Junko Mizuno, Milena Huhta

司会者:Chris Thompson


No, I'm not going to San Diego Comic Con this year. Sorry! 
But Gallery Nucleus (booth #2015 ), Woot Bear (at Hyperactive Monkey booth #2547 ) and Last Gasp (booth #1709 ) have my stuff there so stop by & check them out if you are there! 
でも、Gallery Nucleus (ブース #2015 )、 Woot Bear (Hyperactive Monkeyブース内 #2547 ) 、 Last Gasp (ブース #1709 ) では水野の商品を扱っていますので、コミコンにいらっしゃる方はぜひお立ち寄りください!

Gallery Nucleus (#2015) is selling my San Diego Comic Con 2019 exclusive Strawberry T-shirt. They’ll have my new art print & all my pins, too! 
Gallery Nucleusのブース (#2015)では、サンディエゴ・コミコン2019 限定、Strawberry Tシャツを販売中です!水野の新作プリントやピンバッジも販売されています。

Infected Junko Bear by Scott Wilkowski x Junko Mizuno will be available at Hyperactive Monkey booth (# 2547) on Friday 7/19, 12-2 PM ($100 each) 
And then online at Woot Bear website on Saturday 7/20, 12 PM PST. 
You will get to pick the colors at the con. For online, the item will be sold as a surprise assortment.
You could however leave comments for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices and they will try their best to fulfill your wishes.
Contact Woot Bear directly if you have any questions! 
水野がデザインし、Scott Wilkowski が制作した Junko Bearシリーズ、今年のサンディエゴ・コミコンでは、内部の骨が透けて見えるInfectedバージョンが登場です! 
7/19 金曜日の12pmから2pmまで、Hyperactive Monkey のブース(# 2547)にて、一体$100で販売。 
その後、7/20 土曜日の12pm(太平洋標準時)から、Woot Bearのウェブサイトにてオンライン販売されます。 
海外発送に関しては、Woot Bear に直接お問い合わせください。

And at my publisher Last Gasp's booth (#1709), you can get my Coloring Book as well as other cool & weird books by cool & weird artists! 
Hope everyone's having a great time at the con! :) 
そして、水野のアメリカでの出版社Last Gasp (#1709)では、最新刊のぬりえ本を販売しています。 

Signing event this Sunday in Oakland!
Some of you may remember the art prints on wood that I made with Hi-Fructose Magazine as San Diego Comic Con exclusive couple of years ago. 
Hi-Fructose found some test prints of them and we are selling them at the Hi-Fructose MICRO Mega Store inside of The Compound Gallery complex in Oakland. 
I’ll be there from 2-4pm!
We’ll also have my new coloring book, rare copies of HF 23 (My art on the cover!), and unique items from my personal archives. 
Each of these prints are unique and quantities are limited. 
Come see me if you are in Oakland!
June 30th, 2-4pm 
at The Compound Gallery complex in Oakland: 1167 65th st. Oakland, CA 94608. 
今週日曜日、6月30日の午後2時から4時まで、オークランドのギャラリー、The Compound Gallery内に設けられた、アート誌 Hi-Fructose マガジンのポップアップ・ショップにてサイン会を行います。 
会場:The Compound Gallery complex in Oakland: 1167 65th st. Oakland, CA 94608. 

I’m excited to announce that I'm coming back to Lakes International Comic Art Festival in UK in October this year! Also, I had the honor to create the main artwork for the 2019 festival!
“Early bird festival tickets are available now! Get your hands on a reduced price weekend festival pass. Offer ends 31 March. Don't wait -go get them! 
Festival dates - 11- 13th October 2019. A comic art spectacular is coming to Kendal!”
10月の11日から13日までイギリスの湖水地方で開催されるコミックフェスティバル「Lakes International Comic Art Festival 」に、再び参加します!さらに今回は、フェスティバルのメイン・アートワークもデザインさせていただきました。