A few days before LICAF's opening, a free exhibition of art by me goes on display at the University of Cumbria‘s Brampton Road Campus in Carlisle, Cumbria – and I will be at the gallery for about an hour on 10th October.
The exhibition is separated into three categories, paintings, drawings/illustrations, comics and figure designs.
My main works in each category will be displayed chronologically so you can see how my art has evolved in the 23 years of my career.
Exhibition: 7th - 25th October 2019, 10am - 4pm, *closed Sundays
Artist Visit: 10th October 2019, 12.15pm - 1.30pm
Free Entry

For more info, please visit University's official website here.

展示期間:2019年10月7日から10月25日まで、10am - 4pm(日曜休館)
アーティスト在廊日程:2019年10月10日、12.15pm - 1.30pm


The Hello Kitty 45th anniversary celebration show sponsored by Sanrio is opening at Corey Helford Gallery this Saturday, June 29th! 

This is my piece for the show, Passion Apple Kitty. 

To celebrate her 45th anniversary, I depicted her as a confident, powerful 45 years old lady who is fully aware that she is the queen of cuteness of the world...

To inquire about my piece, you can email the gallery directly at:sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com.


JUNE 29 - AUGUST 3, 2019 

opening reception: Saturday June 29th, 7-11pm 

at Corey Helford Gallery 

571 S Anderson St (Enter on Willow St) Los Angeles, CA 90033 

More info here.

6月29日からLAのCorey Helford Galleryで行われる、ハローキティ45周年を祝うグループ展に水野も参加します。 
出品作の「Passion Apple Kitty」は、「世界中で愛されているという自覚と自信に満ち溢れた、パワフルな45歳のキティ」をイメージして描きました!




Corey Helford Galleryにて 

571 S Anderson St (Enter on Willow St) Los Angeles, CA 90033 


Look how colorful the large coloring piece at my Coloring Book Exhibition turned out to be!
Thanks again to everyone who came to the show! 
You can still see all the pieces online at Gallery Nucleus website.

Junko Mizuno’s Coloring Book is available at Last Gasp website or other book stores online & physical!

ぬりえ展の作品は、全てGallery Nucleusのウェブサイトにてご覧になれます。

水野のぬり絵本「Junko Mizuno’s Coloring Book」は、アマゾンなど洋書を扱う書店なら日本国内からでもご注文いただけます。
Many thanks to everyone who came to my Coloring Book Exhibition opening at Gallery Nucleus !
All the pieces are now available online here. 
The show will be on display until June 9th. 
If you are in LA, stop by the gallery and help complete the large coloring image on the wall! 
Gallery Nucleus での「ぬりえ本原画展」オープニングはおかげさまで無事に終了しました! 

I'm excited to be a part of Hello Kitty's 45th anniversary celebration show sponsored by Sanrio, opening at Corey Helford Gallery Saturday June 29th! 
I'll be posting the work-in-progress photos of my Hello Kitty painting on my InstagramFacebook & Twitter towards the show opening. 
To inquire about my piece, you can email the gallery directly at sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com. 
Here's the official event page on Facebook. 
6月29日からLAのCorey Helford Galleryで行われる、ハローキティ45周年を祝うグループ展に水野も参加します。 
 I'm coming back to LA for my art show at Gallery Nucleus this Saturday!

World reknown artist Junko Mizuno will be back in LA for this special gallery event in celebration of her latest publication. Junko Mizuno's Coloring Book.

OPENING RECEPTION / SIGNING: Saturday, May 25th (6pm - 9pm) 
* The exhibition will feature her original drawings from the coloring book embellished with gold paint. 
* Fans will have a chance to collaborate on a giant coloring page. 
* Free refreshments and treats served.
ARTISTS PANEL : Saturday, May 25th (6:00pm) 
Junko will be doing a special slide show / Q & A on her past body of work 
The panel starts at 6pm and the reception will begin promptly after it ends. 
今週土曜日からGallery Nucleusで行われる個展のため、久々にLAに行きます! 
オープニング・レセプション/サイン会: 5月25日 (6pm - 9pm) 
トークイベント: 5月25日 (6pm) 
水野がスライドを見せながら、これまでの作品や活動についてトークをします。参加者からの質問も受け付けます。 トークは6時から開始、その後すぐにオープニング・レセプションとなります。

New limited edition print Onna Bune (Women’s Fishing Boat, 2013) and Bunny Skull enamel pin will be released on opening night! See images below. 
オープニングの日には、2013年に制作された作品「女船」の限定版プリントと、水野のトレードマークであるウサギドクロ(Bunny Skull)のピンバッジが会場で発売されます。
The cover ink illustration of Junko's Coloring Book will be on display and available for auction (one shown below) 
This will be a silent auction. Bids can be placed in person or by phone. 
Please visit the official event page for auction instructions.

I'm taking part in RAKUGAKI group show starting tomorrow (March 9) at GR2 in LA! 
Exciting show with so many fantastic artists doing rakugaki! 
Rakugaki means "doodles" in Japanese so I had fun making sketches of random characters with markers on paper.
Rakugaki : Sketches and Beyond 
March 9-March 27, 2019 at GR2 
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard 
Los Angeles CA 90025
Opening Reception : Saturday, March 9th, 6:30 - 10:00 PM
Rakugaki : Sketches and Beyond 
2019年、3月9日から3月27日まで GR2にて 
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard 
Los Angeles CA 90025
オープニング・レセプション:3月9日(土)6:30 - 10:00 PM