Great news to the people who missed out on the Junko Woot Bear figure when it was released last time, and to the people who want more! 
The second batch will be available tomorrow in new colors!


designed by Junko Mizuno : sculpted and hand-casted by Scott Wilkowski
Online Release
Saturday October 13th, at 12pm PST at WOOT BEAR WEBSITE
A very limited number of hand embellished pieces will be available at Designer Con 2018.
These will be hand painted by Junko Mizuno. 

Junko Bear Assorted Surprise Color - $55 each

Hand Painted Junko Bear - $75 each
For more info and questions, contact Woot Bear directly.


水野純子デザイン、Scott Wilkowski制作、手作りのレジン・フィギュアJUNKO BEARの新色第二シリーズが明日発売になります。
JUNKO BEAR オンライン販売開始 : 

10月13日 午後12時 (PST/米国太平洋標準時) WOOT BEARのウェブサイトにて
少数になりますが、水野が直接ペイントした物が、今年11月開催のDesigner Con 2018でも販売されます。 

Junko Bear 通常版: 各$55 

水野ペイントのJunko Bear:各$75
英語のみの対応となりますが、WOOT BEARの方へ直接お問い合わせいただければ日本への発送も行なっています。よろしくお願いいたします。

Prototype on the left, final product on the right. Yes, at first it was supposed to be turquoise green. 
Thank you to all the people who got my IKEA glass figurine! Looks like it’s sold out in many places. Call your local IKEA for availability if you are thinking about getting one! The name of the project is 'IKEA Art Event'.

Meet JANKY, the new twenty limited art toys by 16 world famous artists manufactured by SUPERPLASTIC! Brought to you by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz & legendary toy artist Huck Gee. 
My design is ‘LOTUS’ , the center one in the photo. 
All toys are only available on Kickstarter and are limited. 
Please note that you won't be able to get a specific one from the series. 
The toy comes in a sealed box, and you never know which design is inside until you open it up. Some of the designs are rare, mine is... 1/48...! 
Once you get your toys (January 2019) you'll be able to trade them with friends and other Janky fans to get the specific designs you want though. 
Please read all the description and FAQ carefully, and If you are interested in this adventurous project, go ahead and back them!

Many thanks to the people who posted the photos of my IKEA glass figurine! The beautiful one with the rainbow is by @bugbaby from Instagram.
You can now watch me talk about the figure on YouTube here !