You can listen to Junko Mizuno interview with Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast now. 

I probably sound a bit sleepy as I was still waking up during the interview! :D 

Click here to listen!

Junko Mizuno has created the logo for the 2019 Comic Art Festival and we proudly chatted to her for this episode. Junko was originally born in Tokyo and her self taught style is based mainly on 70’s and 80’s Japanese pop culture. We discuss her upbringing and life in Japan and how she got her break into the world of comics.


Lakes International Comic Art Festival のポッドキャストにて、水野のインタビューをお聞きになれます。

今年10月にイギリスの湖水地方で行われるコミックフェスティバル、Lakes International Comic Art Festivalのメインキャラクターデザインを水野が手がけており、ゲストとしても参加する予定です。
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