My new 8 inch Dunny "La Flamme" is coming out on Friday, October 11th (tomorrow!) in two different colorways!

The design depicts a fun party/ritual scene with my favorite witch in the center and her
sculpted disciple on the head.
They are surrounded by her friends: tooth guy, one-eyed cat, rats, egg lady... all the characters and items that often appear in my artwork.

The sculpted flames and the wand symbolize the power and energy of the great witch.

Get yours and have a party with them this Halloween!

Green version is limited to 1000 units worldwide at Kidrobot and at your local designer toy stores. (Please ask them directly for availability.)

Black version is a Kidrobot exclusive and is limited to 400 units only.

It will be available from 10am (Mountain Time) on Friday, October 11th at!

8" tall and $100 each.

Please contact Kidrobot through their website/SNS if you have any questions.

水野の新作8インチ・ダニー「La Flamme」が、10月11日の金曜日(明日!)発売となります。

オーダーはこちらから。(現在SOLD OUTと表記されていますが、発売時間が来るとオーダーできるようになります。)





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