Meet JANKY, the new twenty limited art toys by 16 world famous artists manufactured by SUPERPLASTIC! Brought to you by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz & legendary toy artist Huck Gee. 
My design is ‘LOTUS’ , the center one in the photo. 
All toys are only available on Kickstarter and are limited. 
Please note that you won't be able to get a specific one from the series. 
The toy comes in a sealed box, and you never know which design is inside until you open it up. Some of the designs are rare, mine is... 1/48...! 
Once you get your toys (January 2019) you'll be able to trade them with friends and other Janky fans to get the specific designs you want though. 
Please read all the description and FAQ carefully, and If you are interested in this adventurous project, go ahead and back them!


We opened Junko Mizuno Etsy shop here! This is where we sell something odd created by Junko Mizuno that you can't find anywhere else! Such as the original of old magazine illustrations, sketches she did for paintings, old stickers, flyers etc. For now, we only have this 'Roommates' painting but we'll keep adding items. Our newsletter will be the first to announce on the new listing! 


Junko did a cover art for the English edition of Alisik #1 by Hubertus Rufledt & Helge Vogt! 
Available now at TITAN comics!

ドイツの漫画家さんHubertus Rufledt & Helge Vogtによるコミック「Alisik」の英語版第1巻カバーアートを水野が手がけています。 
TITAN comicsより発売中!

This is the painting I did for Beyond the Familiar, 21st Anniversary Show of Outré Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. But I have to apologize, due to my health issues, the piece won't make it to the opening... but will be on display as soon as it arrives there during the show
I'm really sorry for the people who were expecting to see it at the opening and I'd like to thank you for Outré Gallery for kindly understanding my situation.
All the other artists are amazing and I'm happy and honored to be part of the show!
For purchase enquiries, email:
11 May – 4 June 2018
Opening Night – Friday, 11 May 
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Drinks provided by the great folks at Campari Australia Official
at:Outré Gallery 249 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
facebook event page

オーストラリア、メルボルンにて開催される、Outré Gallery の21周年記念グループ展のために制作した水野の新作ペインティングです。残念ながら、水野の体調不良により、オープニング日の展示には間に合わないことになってしまいました。作品が届き次第、会場に飾っていただけるとのことです。
作品のご購入に関しては、email: へお問い合わせください。
2018年・5月11日 – 6月4日まで
オープニングナイト – 5月11日・金曜日
6:00pm – 8:00pm
 Campari Australia Officialからドリンクの提供があるそうです。
会場:Outré Gallery 249 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

My Moth Lady pin is back in stock at Nucleus Portland online store! 
$11.95 each. Get yours now!
水野デザインのモスレディ・ピンバッジが、Nucleus Portlandのオンラインストアに再入荷されました。サイトは英語のみですが、日本への発送も行っています。
Many thanks to the people who posted the photos of my IKEA glass figurine! The beautiful one with the rainbow is by @bugbaby from Instagram.
You can now watch me talk about the figure on YouTube here !


New website is finally open!
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